APPG Update Since May Launch

We’ve been moving quietly but quickly since our launch in May 2019.

We’ve grown our pool of experts to include more than 100 top-tier scientists, academics, policymakers, business leaders and specialists in health, care and the third sector. We’ve held five Advisory Boards on science, health, business and public attitudes in hot pursuit of the best bold ideas to meet the government’s goal of giving all - rich and poor - five more years of healthy life by 2035.

Now, our National Consultation on how to achieve five extra years of Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE+5) is well underway. Have your say on what needs doing but please make time to get your ideas to us by the 30th of September. As you know, we need to keep moving quickly towards our goal.

We’re on course to publish our National Strategy - a detailed, realistic action plan - early next year.      For too long, the talk has been about the ‘problem’ of rapid population ageing. We see the longevity revolution as one of the most promising opportunities of the 21st century. But we need to make radical moves to ensure we all get a chance to enjoy its benefits.

One of the paradoxes of a world where the speed of change is accelerating is that politicians need more than ever to think long-term. We can all see the challenges and opportunities of increased longevity, but public policy needs to be shifted in many areas to respond to the new needs created. The APPG has started to move the debate in that direction.
— Rt Hon Damian Green MP, APPG Chair
What’s truly impressive is that so many recognise how much this matters to individuals, to our society and to social justice – as well as to our economy and the sustainability of our public services. We’re delighted that so many people and organisations are bringing their skills and experience to work with us to achieve our goal - better, happier, healthier lives for all.
— A Lord Filkin CBE, chair of the Strategic Advisory Board of the APPG for Longevity

The Big Middle

The APPG for Longevity is proud to support the podcast series curated by Susan Flory exploring the big issues of longer midlife, rethinking ageing in a world obsessed with youth. Stereotypes are smashed, mindsets are moved in interviews with the world’s biggest thinkers on all aspects of the longevity revolution.


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Interview with Lord Filkin CBE

Chair, Advisory Board, APPG for Longevity

Dr Lynne Cox

Associate Professor, University of Oxford, APPG for Longevity Advisory Board Member

Interview with William Beckett

Founder & CEO, Hip Impact Protection


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Ageing Innovation and Citizen Advocacy

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Co-Founder Aging2.0, Advisory Board Member, APPG for Longevity

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4Gen Ventures (VC Fund)

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Chief Executive, Future Care Capital,  APPG for Longevity partner

Interview with Rt Hon Damian Green MP

Chair, APPG for Longevity

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Founder, Memrica

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Managing Director, Centaur Robotics

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Founder, Minded Institute and Yoga in Healthcare Alliance, Secretariat, APPG for Yoga

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Chief Executive, Centre for Ageing Better, Advisory Board Member APPG for Longevity